We want to make recycling as easy as possible for our communities. That’s why we’ve provided recycling drop containers all over the area. Just take your materials to the drop-box nearest your neighborhood.

Our Drop Boxes are conveniently located at these current locations:


  • Virgie Robinson Elementary at 125 S Wehe Ave
  • Grange Hall at Rd. 64 and Court St.
  • On the corner of 5th & Octave St
  • Soccer Field at Court St. and Rd. 48
  • Ochoa Middle School at 1801 E. Sheppard
  • Community U. U. Church at 2819 Sylvester St.
  • McLoughlin School at Argent and Rd. 84

Merrill’s Corner

  • Glade and Eltopia West Rd

Basin City

  • Glade North (R-170)

City of Mesa

  • Main St. across from the grocery

City of Connell

  • 2 cardboard only recycle containers at 7th and Elm


  • Transfer station at Sherman & Wine Country Rd

Benton City

  • Transfer station - 7th Ave & Dinah Ln 

West Richland

  • 40th & Van Geisen -behind Exxon


Visit any drop-box center to recycle the following:

  • Newspaper – bundle and tie newspaper or place into brown paper bags. Include advertising insert.
  • Aluminum and steel (“tin”) cans – Rinse and crush cans. For steel cans, remove and tuck lids into can, then crimp edges.
  • Mixed paper – office paper or mail. There is no need to remove all staples, paper clips, sticky notes, or adhesive labels. White paper can be included with other types and grades of paper.
  • Cardboard – break down and flatten corrugated cardboard boxes. Basin Disposal collects cardboard from businesses in Benton and Franklin counties including West Richland and Benton City and Prosser.