Residential Waste Collection is provided by Basin Disposal, Inc., Basin Disposal of Yakima, LLC., Basin Disposal of Walla Walla, and Ed’s Disposal Inc. Waste collection is available to all single-family residences and multi-family units in our service area. Collection service is provided weekly. Single family residence means a one unit house, each living unit of a duplex, if billed individually, and mobile homes that are billed for collection service individually and located on a public street or private road, and not part of a Mobile Home Park.

  • Please set out your garbage containers in a visible location the night before your regular collection day, or by no later than 5:00AM on your collection day. As our area grows, collection times in your neighborhood may change.
  • Do not place your cart next to any objects (car, fence, mailbox, etc.) that may impede access to your containers.
  • The handles of the cart must be pointed away from the street in order for our automated equipment to empty the cart.
  • Any extras that you might have need to be place FIRST in the cart. If once the cart is full, place them at least 3 feet away from the cart.
    • All items must be bag, boxed, or bundled to the following dimensions 5′ x 2′ x 2′, and not to exceed 65 pounds.
  • Grass clippings are to be placed in bags so that they don’t blow around during the emptying of the can or stick to the can
  • Half empty cans are caused by items getting stuck in the middle of the can when the can is squeezed by the mechanical arm. Please be sure to break down all boxes and put yard-waste and cardboard into the can last to avoid this issue


Provided Containers

Wheeled 90+ gallon containers are available  for all customers. In some areas 60+ and 30+ gallon containers are available. Extra carts are available by calling 509-547-2476

Drivers must have clear access to be able to pick up the cans with no objects (vehicles, bicycles, other garbage, ect) blocking their path. Objects may be no closer than 3 feet from the can.


Personal Containers

If you have additional garbage that will not fit into your automated cart, you may also put out a personal garbage container.

Personal garbage containers must be no more than 32 gallons in size, have two handles and weigh no more than 65 pounds (including the weight of the can). All sizes and weights over this will be charged extra.

You may also place additional garbage that has been bagged, boxed or bundled. Please refer to the chart below for additional requirements

If you are within city limits, there is no charge; county residents may be charged a small fee. Please call (509) 547-2476 to learn about the specific charges related to your service area.

Additional Bagged, Boxed or Bundled Waste

Additional waste will be picked up provided it meets the following requirements:

  • trash_can_resize

    Please fill your can to the top (with lid closed) before putting out extra bags.

  • bagged

    Waste must be properly “bagged, boxed or bundled” so that a worker can lift them.

  • weight

    The weight must not exceed 65 lbs. per bag, box or bundle.

  • 3feetfrom

    Place items 3 feet from your container so our workers can collect them.

  • dimensions

    The dimensions cannot exceed 2 ft width x 2 ft height x 5 ft length

In College Place ONLY if disposing of large items such as appliances or furniture, call (509) 547-2476 so we can set up your pick up.